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Tuesday, December 6






Effect Of Testosterone, 5-Dihydrotestosterone, Mouse Growth Hormone, And Thyroxine On Major Urinary Protein (MUP) Expression In Female Murine Hepatocyte Cell Line Hepa1-6 038 Karpen Hall Brain Camp 125 Rhoades Robinson Hall An Econometric Analysis Of The United States’ Trade Embargo On Cuba: Projections And Implications Using The Gravity Model 035 Karpen Hall Corps Morcelé: Spectacular Anatomy, Anatomy Theatres, And The Fragmented Body In John Donne’s “The Ecstasy,” And “A Valediction Of My Name In The Window” 232 Karpen Hall Investigating Best Practices To Develop A Curriculum For Community Resilience And Food Security 103 Rhoades Robinson Hall Barriers To Community Engagement In Government Programming 406 Wilma Sherrill Center The Aging Spine: Classical Pilates as an Intervention Method 034 Karpen Hall The Game Of United States Diplomacy Within The Ottoman Empire: How United States’ Interests In The Ottoman Empire Delayed Its Entrance Into The Great War. 014 Whiteside Hall A Message For The Wanderers 012 Karpen Hall From Feral To Familial: Anthropomorphism And The Feminine Form In Stanley Kubrick's Films 016 Karpen Hall The Hidden Usage Of Sonata Form In The First Movement Of Stravinsky’s Petrushka: The Shrovetide Fair 018 Lipinsky Hall How They Hate: An Investigation Of Hate Websites From The American South 237 Zageir Hall Isolation and characterization of antibiotic compounds produced by Gram-Negative bacteria strains Pseudomo nas and C hromobacterium 014 Zeis Hall





Survey Of Culturable Bacterial Communities Found In Sarracenia Purpurea Var. Montana In Western North Carolina. 038 Karpen Hall Dream Runner: Let’s Build A Mobile Game! 125 Rhoades Robinson Hall The Golden State’s Moment: A Critical Examination of California’s Cap-and-Trade Design, Implementation, and Lessons 035 Karpen Hall The Fabric Of His Life: Exploring The Nature Of The Unreal In Look Homeward, Angel 232 Karpen Hall Food Waste Awareness 034 Karpen Hall Choose Your Friends Wisely: Filibuster William Walker's Fall From Power 014 Whiteside Hall The House That Kubrick Built: An Analysis Of A Director Through The Prism Of Architecture 016 Karpen Hall Yvwi Gvnahita 012 Karpen Hall Disability, Identity, And Resistance: A Content Analysis Of Disability Related Blogs 237 Zageir Hall Diverse Utility and Synthesis of Pyrrole Derivatives of Combretastatin A-4 for Anti-Cancer Purposes 014 Zeis Hall Early Responses Of Rhododendron Maximum Removal Within Southern Appalachian Riparian Areas In The Wake Of Eastern Hemlock Loss: Microclimate And Species Diversity Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Population Distribution, Genetics, And Microhabitat Of Plethodon Welleri Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Effects Of Oleylamine To Oleic Acid Ratios In The Surfactant-Assisted Synthesis Of Anisotropic Brookite Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles 014 Zeis Hall Paclitaxel Coated Gold (Au) Nanoparticles (NPs) For Drug Delivery In Chemotherapy 014 Zeis Hall Fault-Slip History Along The Right-Lateral Indian Head Fault Within The Central Walker Lane, West-Central Nevada Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Vetruvia: The Experience of Starting a Business in Asheville Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse The Sound of Glass: Creating Music ThroughScience Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Creative Interpretations: Understanding The Science In Popular Culture Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Developing Patch Clamp Analysis Techniques To Deorphanize VSNRs Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Do We Really Need 8 Hours of Sleep? Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Does Playing chess improve cognitive abilities? Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Effects Of Hormone Treatments On Major Urinary Protein (MUP) Expression In AML12 Hepatocytes Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Mental Illness Portrayed in Art Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Neil Harbisson’s Eyeborg Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse The Science Behind Online Student’s Tips Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Computational Modeling of Surface Enhancement Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Electrostatics Of The Growth And Formation Of Silver Nanoparticles On A Ferroelectric Template Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Image Analysis of Nanoparticles Grown on Ferroelectric Substrates Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Investigation of Methods for Patterned Fabrication of Silver Nanowires on a Ferroelectric Substrate Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Measuring Variations of the Speed of Sound in a Corrugated Tube Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Correlations Between Acceptance And Knowledge Of Autism In College Students Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Cyberloafing In Class And At Work Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Evidence Of Racism In Television News Reporting Of Police Shootings Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Harry Potter And The Curse Of Implicit Racial Bias Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Stroop Effects when Naming Numbers instead of Colors Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse To Yield Or Not To Yield; Ambivalent Sexism On Sidewalks Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse Underlying Opinions And Beliefs Affecting Custody Decisions Wilma Sherrill Center - Concourse