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Tuesday, December 6 • 9:20am - 9:40am
Breaking Containment: Rewriting Old Code Using Modern Frameworks

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SCP: Containment Breach, one of PC Gamer’s top 50 free PC games, is an indie game that jumpstarted a lot of famous YouTuber’s “let’s play” careers back when it was released in 2012. However, because the game was built in an old engine, it has not been easy for the original developer or modders to scale up. This project, therefore, consists of porting the levels, entities, and gameplay of SCP: Containment Breach from its old engine (Blitz3D) to Unity: a modern, scalable, and easily modifiable game engine. In contrast to the old, unwieldy codebase, the remake utilizes many of the methodologies and architecture choices of modern software engineering in order to create an error-free and exciting user experience. The levels, events, enemy encounters, and stories are randomized each time a new game is started, to allow players to have unique experiences during every game. Thus, the code must be able to handle many different game state combinations. The development software includes Unity, Visual Studio 2015, Blender, and 3D World Studio. Test users and stakeholders are the members of the SCP: Containment Breach community, including the original creator and team of developers who continue to develop for the Blitz3d version written in BlitzBasic.

Tuesday December 6, 2016 9:20am - 9:40am
125 Rhoades Robinson Hall